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BRIDGE verb definition and synonyms

Anaphase bridges were used as indicators of inversion heterozygosity. I burned all our bridges – not knowing that love knows how to swim.

bridge sentence example

14) In 1771 a five arch stone bridge was built replacing the nearby Bishop’s Ferry. 13) The original stone arch bridge over the Blackstone Canal is still in use today. 12) Its original steel truss structure was replaced in 1959 by a reinforced concrete arch bridge .

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1 Those parts of the envelope where the thermal resistance is significantly lower are described as cold bridges. Reporters and photographers flocked to where the suffering was most visible the borders bridges and depots . Washington state possesses four of the worlds five longest floating bridges and 78 years of operating history. Railways needed locomotives, rolling stock and signalling should college athletes get paid essay equipment(/rolling stock), besides rails and bridges. Those parts of the envelope where the thermal resistance is significantly lower are described as cold bridges. Charges on both the M4 and M48 Severn bridges are being abolished – saving commuters as much as 1,400 a year. 2This study investigates the efficiency of using seismic isolation technique for retrofit of existing bridges.

  1. 1The presented method is suitable for both the electronic computor program and the pocket calculator in analysing bridges.
  2. The coalition bombed all five of Mosuls bridges and sealed off the western escape valve, while thousands of Iraqi soldiers, federal police officers, and Hashd fighters besieged the Old City.
  3. This project involves the construction of a road and a large number of bridges across the Parana River waterway.
  4. The essay introduction is the first part of an essay, and it contains a hook, a bridge, and a thesis.
  5. To bridge a gap is not to eliminate it; some bridges are robust and reliable but others are frail , brittle, and easily undone by outside circumstances.
  6. To make a skeletonized version of the Central Tourbillon, the watchmaker begins by sawing away any non-essential material from the plates and bridges, then bevelling their edges.

This project involves the construction of a road and a large number of bridges across the Parana River waterway. The temblor twisted roads and bridges, while shutting sherman alexie the joy of reading and writing several copper mines and refineries, at least temporarily. Future work will include repairs to rural roads and road bridges and clearance of debris from waterways.

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Twolevel stacks have a longer bridge or two shorter bridges on the same roadway. The structural steel of bridges and overpasses can also be weakened by the heat. It says if hitler dies, they’re to destroy bridges, train tracks, archives, art. Clapper or rough stone bridges are also a familiar part of the Dartmoor scenery. The only way you can write is by the light of the bridges burning behind you. Secure the bridges, get units on both sides of the island, set up a perimeter. I am the child of refugees, a creator, a healer, and a builder of bridges.

  1. Because too little is spent on our transportation infrastructure, the federal government should increase its appropriation of funds to repair our crumbling roads and bridges.
  2. And This is a fast way of learning the meaning of arch bridge with example sentences.
  3. His packhorse bridges and old barns were drawn without exaggeration.
  4. They were kept in repair by the tenants and cotters, and, when their labour was not sufficient, by the landlords, who were required to stent themselves, customs also being sometimes levied at bridges, ferries and causeways.
  5. A compound-complex sentence with “bridges” contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.
  6. With more than a mile of walking trails, eight bridges, six small gazebos , one large gazebo and the Redlin Pavilion, guests of the park will be invited to stretch their legs, walk their pets, have a picnic or simply enjoy nature.
  7. Sentence examples for water under the bridge from high-quality English sources.

In 2010, the state had the nation’s third highest number of bridges classified as structurally deficient, with nearly 5,212 bridges in disrepair, including 235 National Highway System Bridges. Bridges also have uses in the military Military bridges have to be portable so that they may be easily moved to the front lines and so they are much more complex than regular civilian bridges. Existing frameworks have been proven very successful when designing bridges and other engineered systems but have been hit or miss propositions when it comes to software for business systems. The argumentative text meaning upperlevel seats were squeezed in between the lowerlevel seats to ensure that the overall height of the unit was within the clearances necessary to pass through tunnels and under bridges. He hadn’t immediately recognized the purpose of the pairs of gleaming metal rails which ran down long ramps and intricately braced trestle bridges from several dark openings in the mountainside. 1Existing frameworks have been proven very successful when designing bridges and other engineered systems but have been hit or miss propositions when it comes to software for business systems.

What is a bridge sentence in an essay?

Then, it also provides a reference to the previous paragraph (the inkjet printer’s better price advantage), and it states the main point of the current paragraph . This example has a question that serves as the “pointer” to the previous paragraph. And the answer to this question introduces the main point of the current paragraph. This is the British English definition of bridge.View American English definition of bridge. A “bridge sentence” reminds the reader of what went before and does not signal what is to come. I would consider it pedantry to say, “It’s not building, someone is building it”.

Following a recent interview, in which Thomas Markle claimed he hasn’t spoken to his daughter Meghan in months a royal biographer is encouraging the Duchess of Sussex to build bridges with her estranged father. As the booms and bangs from the fireworks continued, thousands of startled birds, awoken prematurely from their roosts beneath bridges and enclaves in nearby buildings, dived and swerved to avoid the onlookers. True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create theirown.

sentences with “bridges”

Do not think of developing paragraphs bridge sentence example in terms of their length. Length and appearance do not determine whether a part in your paper is a paragraph. It is the unity and coherence of ideas represented in a sentence or among sentences that constitutes to a good paragraph.

  1. The dock’s redeeming qualities are the old swing bridges and the boats themselves, many of them beautiful old sailing ships.
  2. CONBOX is specifically developed for the analysis and design of post-tensioned and cast-in-place reinforced concrete box girder and slab bridges constructed on falsework .
  3. This example has a question that serves as the “pointer” to the previous paragraph.
  4. The bridges have shorten the distance between people, but estrange the distance between people and nature.
  5. Larger rivers, canals, roads, other railways and sometimes deep narrow valleys are crossed by bridges (q.v.) of timber, brick, stone, wrought iron or steel, and many of these structures rank among the largest engineering works in the world.
  6. I believe that this shortfall can be bridged by taking a hybrid approach.
  7. The great girder bridges over the Menai Strait and at Saltash near Plymouth, erected in the middle of the i 9th century, were entirely of wrought iron, and subsequently wrought iron girder bridges were extensively used on railways.

They argue rather than report.Signposts, as their name suggests, prepare the reader for a change in the argument’s direction. They show how far the essay’s argument has progressed vis-ˆ-vis the claims of the thesis. 29) Though masonry arch bridges are in general considered long-lived structures, large numbers are now showing signs of distress.

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PITTSBURGH, the host of the next Gsummit on September 24th, is known as the city of bridges. Laughter can be a spark that bridges the culture gap and reminds us of our common humanity . Thenceforth, Japan would gash its countryside with roads to nowhere and bridges to nothing. Compassion removes the walls of mistrust and builds bridges of hope, trust and beliefs. Double – wall steel cofferdam is the important facility of bridges deepwater foundation.

Perhaps the most impressive of all is the ability to smoothly interpolate between such contrasting experiences, bridging the gap between the internal and external world. The outcome was uncertain because no long journeys had previously been made in late summer, when many of the snow bridges would have collapsed. Samples are from the tip of the regenerating front of bridges harvested 7 days after section. In regenerative bridges examined between 7-21 days after transection, there was a wide variation in axon maturation.

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Think carefully before you resign-you don’t want to burn your bridges. The farmers have little bridges to get from one roof to the next. The canyon is accessible to visitors via footpaths and foot bridges. You know, i don’t want to do anything lame like bridges or whatever.

bridge sentence example

The class of simple frames includes many of the frameworks used in the construction of roofs, lattice girders and suspension bridges; a number of examples will be found in the article BRIDGES. The military has even been called in to assist in environmental cleanup, promote wildlife conservation, rehabilitate public housing, rebuild bridges, and aid in other community projects. It stands near the border of Victoria, on the right bank of the Murray river, here crossed by two bridges, one built of wood carrying a road, the other of iron bearing the railway. Iron suspension bridges began to be used at the end of the 18th century for road bridges with spans unattainable at that time in any other system. The city is crossed from east to west by the Rio Mapocho, which passes through an artificial stone channel 40m wide spanned by several bridges. They built barrel bridges, roads, tramways , light railways, trenches, bunkers, pontoon bridges, trestle bridges and the Inglis Bridge. They built barrel bridges, roads, tramways, light railways, trenches, bunkers, pontoon bridges, trestle bridges and the Inglis Bridge.

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The following are some characteristics of ineffective thesis statements. The two first of these three are handsome suspension bridges; the what does argumentative essay mean third, an iron structure, replaced a wooden bridge of many arches which was closed in 1881, after standing a little over a century.

Imagine if our buildings, our bridges, machines, all of our bricks could actually compute. And he’d avoid bridges and tunnels ’cause traffic jams and accidents prevent an easy escape. Pillboxes were also built to help protect strategic structures such as bridges or jetties. All over the railway system, similarly expensive bridges and tunnels are nearing collapse.

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Ideally, the gap could have been bridged keeping the original more or less intact, but this was only partially achieved. Such a transition could not happen if we had not tried to create these bridges between theories in dierent areas. Therefore, the gap between empirical truth and absolute truth can never be definitively bridged, however hard we try.

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